Insistent Mistakes

Insistent mistakes
frame the debates
among the factions
righting wrongs
and dispensing justice;

insistent mistakes spilling
from mouths and documents,
trickling into the water supply,
chuckling as they embed themselves
wherever they can live longest;

insistent mistakes
disguising themselves,
and once disguised becoming

prayers, doctrines, orders, law;

clothed in what they claim 
is faux-leopard — don’t believe
it — can’t you smell the blood there?
Speaking in what they say
is God’s only tongue — how odd 
that it’s the one language
you understand.

Insistent mistakes become
conventional and eventually 
canonical, and then 
insistent mistake is piled upon 
insistent mistake;

the stack reaches the sky,
blocks the Sun,
confuses you into taking
Dark for Light — 

insisting upon it, in fact.

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One response to “Insistent Mistakes

  • Léa

    Justice or was that Just Us?

    God’s tongue or their deluded version… sorry Tony but I could not resist. I do like the poem.

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