Daily Archives: May 4, 2010

Affirmation For Small

no broad brushstrokes today

this is no day for sweeping

instead allow
only detail

pray that by bedtime
your eyes sting from having seen
what is directly before you

having concentrated
on tiny ants
sand between toes
fine blond arm full of hair
flaked lips
scent of garlic on sweet tongue
tomato flowers (yellow toothed bells)
finger whorls
may you then know that
there is no global only local
to be revered

and stop claiming you care for what you cannot hold in your own hands

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A note for Duende fans:

Due to concerns about the number of other bands out there called “Duende,”  Faro and I are changing the name of our collaboration to “The Duende Project.”

As we’re going to be seeking broader distribution of our work in the future, beginning with the next album, it seems a good time to do this and reduce any confusion or potential legal issues. 

Same lovable pair of cutups, different name…


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