Daily Archives: May 25, 2010


I have the same weak fascination
with the popularity
of movies about vampires,
zombies, superheroes,
aliens, and werewolves
that I do with the sound
of the bell around
a lead sheep’s neck:

it allows me to keep my distance
and still be aware
of the flock’s path;

it is founded in a desire to keep abreast
of where they’re all going
and how they feed;

it is an obsession
to understand why
the rest of the herd follows that bell
without question;

and sadly enough
it is barely interesting enough
to make me stir
unless nothing else is happening

It connects me, however tenuously,
with a stream of people
I barely understand
at all.

There’s nothing more unsettling
than the feeling
of disconnection, not even
the potential that all that meat on the hoof
is fodder for some creature
yet unknown to any science I believe in,

something undead or transformed
or extraterrestrial, something
that is a more appropriate
agent of destiny

than the probable lonely doom
I face myself as a scoffer at fads
who yet maintains an atavistic need
to believe as the sheep do
that the path leads somewhere
and that myth
is critical to the journey
no matter how glossy or obvious
it appears.

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