Daily Archives: March 10, 2023

Imagined Body

Imagined body: 
pensive, fat-assed,
sweaty with compassion

for all. Real body?
Cold layers like
Damascus steel,

cold eye when turned 
toward others’ pain,
cold and round and dry-eyed.

He tells himself
he is nearly one 
to his aspiration.

He tells himself 
he loves, he is 
kind and as free

as his imagined body
imagines itself to be.
He stands in his imagined

place in the world
and tries to occupy it:
stiff, sharp, cold to the touch.


The news is all red
in spite of the daffodils
butting in with green.

All of the new buds
by the lake, showing red first
before they go green.

Old mulch by the walk
is not as red, and it’s cracked —
coming soon, the green.

The news is in red.
The window differs: make room! 
Consider the green.

Do you look for red
when you wake up, or do you
only see the green?

Spread red over green,
or hide the red with the green.
The news is on. Choose.