Daily Archives: March 16, 2023

Hope For Hope

Standing there in front
of a hole in a wall

No light in there
No sign to explain it

You choose to enter

You wonder if beyond
it will be
what you’ve been promised
A place where you hope
you’ll find Hope itself

As you
approach at last
a far-end light
so pinhead small
you wonder
is it visible in truth
or just in your 

you realize
you wouldn’t know

if they came up and caressed you from behind
if they came before you dressed in light
even if they then called you 
by your long-resisted true name

you couldn’t be certain

and after all
look over there

Another wall
Another hole
Another promise 
that darkness shall lead to light

Perhaps in there 
they might know you
by another
more pleasing name

Who are you
not to answer
Who are you 
to say no

Who are you not to have
hope for Hope
beyond this

while you are 
on this side
of the wall