Daily Archives: March 12, 2023

In Media Res

soon enough
a pair of Malinois
will come into view

holding a banner between them
that will bear
an illegible word

you will squat before them
and from that vulnerable position
attempt to decipher it

as the dogs approach they shall veer
slightly to the left of where you are
and the banner will become 

impossible to read
so whatever the message the dogs have
is either not meant for you or 

you will miss it
and you shall rise
from the squatting position

look back at the place
from which the dogs came
and see only a sunset

you will tell yourself
as you veer away from the view
turning slightly to the right

this how it has been
for all your time 
messages seemingly meant for you

narrowly undelivered
from ferocious mouths
leaving you in their wake

to marvel and wonder
where to look
for an explanation