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Dad’s Close Order Drill

Revised, from 2009.

The five purposes of close order drill are to:

1. Provide simple formation from which various combat formations could readily be assumed.

Look for their fear.
Slip your hand into it, make it
your puppet,
pull it close,
make it rigid,
make it dance.
The dinner table provides
the ideal setting for this, so

2. Move units from one place to another in a standard and orderly manner, while maintaining the best possible appearance.

speak to them
with great attention
to their faults. Do not fail
to hit the same notes again and again:
inadequacy, failure, shame at heritage
denied and betrayed…and ensure
that nothing of the conversation
will be heard outside that room.

3. Provide the troops an opportunity to handle individual weapons.

If you are focused
soon enough the words
will come from them,
tailored, well-pressed,

4. Instill discipline through precision and automatic response to orders.

and when they cringe
you won’t even have to watch
to know it’s happening.

5. Increase a leader’s confidence through the exercise of command by giving
proper commands and drilling troops.

Won’t you accept the salute,
the hands above their eyes,
shading themselves from the heat?
You have earned it.

* close order drill objectives, in boldface, taken from USMC Website