Daily Archives: November 30, 2022

How Broken Can One Heart Be

Long-ago mapped
fault lines diminish, 
become invisible
from space, vanish
from the surface
of the earth
in the aftermath
of your sundering.
Your chest
opens from within,
spews lava wind;
the forest tumbles
outside the blasted doors.
Fire becomes you
as well as a suit of armor
fits an obsolete warrior —
you are an obsolete warrior.
Unfit for battle.
Reckless, easily 
withered, you
will dissolve
to ash before you can
remove your armor
and run.


I recently ran a live workshop on “The Poetry Of Place.” I think it went well.

Converting it to an online workshop, probably broken into two Zoom sessions.

— Would you take it?
— What is that worth to you?
— What’s a good day/time for that (in general)?
— If I were to develop another one or two of these types of workshops, what would you like to take online from me as the facilitator?

I’ve got 30+ years of experience as a trainer/instructional designer, 4+ years of experience doing online Webinars, and reasonable amount of time as a poet with some skill.

Help me out, folks. Trying to shift gears into more kinds of work…I’ve always kept my trainer skills separate from my poet skills, and I think I’ve done myself a disservice…