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Patreon news November 2022

I’ve been upping my Patreon page’s capabilities and revising the reward structure. 

As I grow older, I’m trying to shift a greater part of my regular income to writing and music.  This has been especially and immediately important of late as I’m fighting off both some mild post-COVID brain fog and the usual winter season slowdown in my consulting business.

Patreon has proved to be a valuable resource for this. 

In the coming year, I plan to introduce online workshops that will be free for those Patrons on the $10/level and up.  I’m also getting ready to release my end of the year 2022 eBook anthology, and a bonus eBook in the next couple of weeks of poems I’ve written over the years that are formatted or refer back to instruction manuals, operator’s guides, etc.  (I was surprised at how many of these there are, frankly.)

Only rarely do I come to the readers of this blog to bring up the Patreon site. I will ALWAYS keep this blog cost-free for my much-appreciated readers around the world. But right now, I’m pretty much broke.  And while I’ve used various funding appeal sites in the past (GoFundMe, etc.,) for emergencies, I LOATHE doing that. I’d rather offer something back in return for your support.

Once again, the Patreon site offers information about how to join and watch videos, hear audio tracks, and read discussions of craft and poetry that I hope will interest some of you.  Again, I’ll keep this site free — but any support will be appreciated and, I hope, of more value to you. 


Beauty And Entropy

on the interstates

comes to an off ramp
Imagines that this will be
the last stop

as in that old TV series
where the main character
is always hoping for the leap home

always gets back on the highway
after a night or two

Remains the same
Not a leap as much as a trudge
Next ramp like this one

It’s a grind
Everyday physics suggests
entropy is setting in


I turn to
the monstrous, 
fearing monsters.

I’ve become
Animal. Humans
pledge not to,

but too often fail
in their promises.
Betrayal of trust

is endemic among us.
Memory and

be damned; reaction
is truth. Fear is
health. Who are

those in the wood
or alley that are more
terrifying than I am?

Stand ready, says
the spirit
of the ravenous; Animal,

your time has come.
Take off your watch.
There’s only now. Go.