Daily Archives: November 3, 2022

Rude Awakening

Soon enough
I hope
we will retch

when on some lucky morning
we finally taste workers’ blood 
in our orange juice

and after that move on
to sweeping the television
into a trash can

and after that recognize
that some so-called
“opposing political viewpoint”

is in fact
the smirk of a well-fed predator
seeking its next meal

and while it won’t be soon enough for all
I hope we will find the key
to the dusty old gun safe 

and after only the briefest of stops
for unlocking and retrieving
step out into the day

with a hot spring
in our step
rude awakening behind us

and something resembling
a red but needed future
before us

and some
will moan about violence
but how you can think

they’ll stop smirking
without us being willing
to wipe that away

as a consequence
for them
feeding us blood with a smile

is beyond me