Daily Archives: March 19, 2018

Oh, Fuck It

oh, fuck it. you 
are not a mistake 
or a problem, not at all.
no matter what you’ve been told.
fuck it. you live in a society
that was built by shifting blame.
do not believe in it or accept it
as the way things should be.
delight instead in how resistance
can be framed as a dance.
delight instead in how you have survived
such things. delight in your own being.
you were not made to work this hard.


Stormbringer, supercharger, 
strong attractor, such memory
of how little I cared for consequence
in their presence. I was young
and loathed myself except when 
I exalted myself, and I had no balance
between.  Stormcharger, super-attractor,
strong bringer of past to present, memory
of what I gained and tossed; nonsense,
these things – storm attractor, superbringer,
strong charger – are words only, things
I mastered long ago, things I made up
for the purpose of raising the dead
from the tombs within me. I was young once.
I killed that youth six times over. I am old now,
still ready to kill that youth, superstorm, charge attractor,
strength brought to bear upon how sick I am
with nostalgia and regret for how I let myself go
and how often in recreation of those forces
I let myself go feebly into their streams again.