Daily Archives: March 23, 2018

Moment Of Truth

It’s OK.
You don’t have to survive all of it.
You have to fight, yes,
you must resist, yes. But survival is for
those who believe in a future
with them in it. Get free of that

and let your self-importance go;
do what you can and must. 

Don’t worry
about the ultimate triumph of your own
ideology when poison needs to be
ameliorated and 
removed from the suddenly broken veins
of the dying. Don’t worry if in the effort
you suck more death than you can handle.
Spit out what you can and keep moving
as long as possible. 

You’re expendable, always were, old man.
You were part of the problem long enough
to be suspect.  If you go, you go.
After all it’s not going to be
your world afterward. Move on with a smile.

You’re ancillary at best, a well-meaning nuisance
at worst.  Get out of the way of what must follow
once you’ve done your bit. Individual

survival is unimportant. You are 
not worthy of exception.  Move on.
This is the moment of truth. Live 
in it, not in the one that follows.