Daily Archives: September 25, 2017

The Smell Of Blood In The Water

of less and less
to those 

I love

as I move deeper into
my lifespan

My brain
Full of holes
My ears 
more or less
I don’t know 
how to explain
the kinks 
in my heart 

other than to say
they hurt more
than just me

My pockets
so empty and they
don’t hold water or
a clue about how 
to fill them up

and there’s a 
under my clothes
I can’t seem to fix

but I still love
and in dark moments

my skin moves with that
like the sea

I once dived into 
a night ocean
lit by a thin

Swam afraid under
thin clouds wondering

what would come up
unseen and kill me

It is much like
that these

I feel love
and fear for those
watching me
from the beach

No need for them
to see me jerk and
sink abruptly
or bleed out shaking
in some huge mouth

But I came back to shore
laughing to them that
I’d dodged one

They turn from me
now as they should
knowing I’ve dodged 
nothing as

I shake in 
such jaws as these
that have me now

and the smell of blood’s
in the water