Daily Archives: September 22, 2017


When I stare into
the deep well of my
self-concern, I see only

If I were to light
a torch and toss it in,
I’ve been told that it
would vanish in deep 

I do not trust
that I’ve been
told the truth
about myself.

I will turn from myself
and my self concern.

I cannot be self-concerned
when I feel how shallow
I truly am — when I suspect
this perceived depth is in fact
just a received deception.  Instead,
I will turn from my self-concern

and say enough.  Enough
of this easy 
gloom.  There’s a wrong world
beyond me, a world that says
my self-concern is all that counts,

and it’s built of tinder and straw
and as for it being strong and
deep — no. Enough. I will give up
myself, proclaim myself
the torch,

and burn it down.  I will
step back from the well that
is in fact my navel, not so deep —

I will burn myself up
and burn this selfish,
stunted world of mine
that tells me I am lord
and master
down. If others do the same

after me, I will not be here
to glory in that and I hold 
neither hope nor desire for that.

All I want is to blaze enough
to set the world ablaze 
with me and for there to be

nothing but new to build with
on the other side.

Pop Star With Machete

A pop star is filmed
holding a machete
in what I think must be
a field of sugar cane.

Is this her first time
holding a machete?
That’s quite a hat.
Where was this filmed?

I look it up to be sure.
Yes, that’s sugar cane.
Yes, it’s possible that 
she has held a machete before,

based on what little I know
from what I’ve read of her.
It doesn’t answer the question
of how these images connect

to this song. I didn’t listen
to the lyrics.  I’ll have to look them up.
Once I’m prepared, I’ll be able
to live more in the moment

the next time I hear this song
or see this video. After all
I did like her previous work.
Perhaps I will like this, 

now that I am fully informed
as to what I will be watching.
Until then, nothing.  I feel