What, Exactly, Are The Bosses Doing?

Contemplating the distance
to their planned shining city on the hill.

Calculating what it would take to build
a broad road to it, broad enough
for all manner of comfortable vehicles
(and a very small amount
of super ambitious and lucky foot traffic
just to make it seem accessible to all); 

trying to determine how much gas 
will be needed, how much coal 
will be required to power it once
all who will fit have arrived;

once the numbers are firm, 
putting all their plans into 
the passive voice. 

Roads will be built, walls will be built, 
coal will be mined, oil refined; 
order will be established and maintained
and if threatened will be defended and

Not bothering to ask the unspoken question
behind those circumlocutions:
who will do all that?

Knowing the answer already.

Looking directly at you with a cold dare in their eyes.

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