Daily Archives: February 18, 2017


is better than waking.

This needs no proof
in these parts. When I sleep
the sink doesn’t leak and
the cat is no longer

The mice
move to Florida and 
the dim universe of the news
is silent.  My wallet

holds everything I need
when I sleep — I’m most wealthy
when I’m unconscious.

If I dream at all
it will be only rarely, 
only fleetingly, and
it will be in the language
native to those who shrug off
the unreality
one must plow through
when awake. In dreams I become
fluent in that tongue and
it’s easy to live
when that happens

but it happens rarely.
When sleeping I mostly
am nothing at all,

and that is best.

What, Exactly, Are The Bosses Doing?

Contemplating the distance
to their planned shining city on the hill.

Calculating what it would take to build
a broad road to it, broad enough
for all manner of comfortable vehicles
(and a very small amount
of super ambitious and lucky foot traffic
just to make it seem accessible to all); 

trying to determine how much gas 
will be needed, how much coal 
will be required to power it once
all who will fit have arrived;

once the numbers are firm, 
putting all their plans into 
the passive voice. 

Roads will be built, walls will be built, 
coal will be mined, oil refined; 
order will be established and maintained
and if threatened will be defended and

Not bothering to ask the unspoken question
behind those circumlocutions:
who will do all that?

Knowing the answer already.

Looking directly at you with a cold dare in their eyes.