Daily Archives: February 6, 2017

Other Words For Rain

sheer silver drapes

veiled valley view

soft hiss turns to rush

a swift wash

rush turns to roof clatter

road streaming
with gravel swept down
from crown of the hill


roof clatter
to rush
to hiss


A Large Footprint

A large footprint
in sand, left
by some creature that
would have been
unreal to see
yet was real enough
to press itself
into this damp beach
and leave a mark.

No way of naming
or classifying it from just this —
no clue as to whether
it was mammal,
reptile, alien amphibian,
or something beyond those.

Picture that moment
it came out of the sea
with no one to watch it.
Think of how serenely 
it may have stood there
unobserved, completely
unaware of us. 

Think of
this world as
filled with beings
we don’t know, 

with being that is not
contained within
our own understanding
of that word; 

when you try to return
to how you were 
before this and
resume your place
in that smaller space

you may find a strange mix
of fear and joy when
it chafes, when it no longer
fits as well as it did;
with luck and faith

you may find yourself
returning to this beach
again, and again, 
both when you are awake
and in your dreams.