Daily Archives: February 2, 2017

Five In A Room

Five in a room in a snowstorm,
talking of the cold. Talking
of the way home, how bad
the road will be,
how warm it is in here. 

It is warm in here,
isn’t it?  Almost as if there’s no
storm spitting intermittently,
glassing the pavements, 
crusting the cars they’ll need
soon enough.  

The woods that surround
this sanctuary grow more and more
ominous. Some would say not ominous,
but peaceful.  It depends
on where you’re standing —
out in the cold among the trees,
or in a room in a warm building.
Under the trees, peace;
in the room, anxiety. 

Five in a room in a storm
with the woods all around
and danger waiting on the road
all of them will soon be traveling.

Outside, some are traveling already.
Some have been traveling a long time;
their whole lives, in fact.
What is it they see
when they pass the room
and catch a glimpse of
the five inside? Nothing,
really.  They might notice
a light and some privilege

but they know better
than to take their eyes
off the road
in weather like this.