Daily Archives: February 12, 2017

The One About Calling On God


there are things
I care about
that seem far beyond the reach

any breath of mine might have
once I’ve pushed it out into
our great global sea of air

No word of mine
will ever go far enough
to pierce into every ear
and carry my concern with it
to every person

I love or could potentially love
if only I knew them 

(if only I knew them

for I can’t know every person
and MY GOD that seems
tragic on this planet that seems
more and more tuned to 
a lonely note
a hateful note of discord) 

so let it be known

when I call out
as I am now

let it be known
all I am doing

is saying that
if there is some Amplification
to be had by saying that
let me have it
for the words that I speak
are never enough
the actions I take
are never enough 
and my concern seems
at once so huge and so small
that even if there is no God
I cannot refuse
to add whatever charge
that may carry
to the effort to make any small thing I might do count