The Work

The best sound you can find
while playing your guitar:

your slide finally
after brief teasing
landing in the sweet spot,
coaxing forth the note
you want. That resolution

puts a small damper upon
anxiety you sometimes feel
when playing, even when
playing by yourself in 
a lonely house: the fear

not so much of being wrong,
but of not doing justice
to the Work.

The best sound you can find
when playing your guitar:

that one note
that tells the entire story
of the Work, includes
every Worker to that point,
assurance that this is
the Work they did too —

and then, the sound disappearing
back into the Work itself,
its last message

catch me if you can,

so you begin again.

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2 responses to “The Work

  • Eileen

    Hmm. Don’t you sometimes feel that way with your poetry? I know most of your poems have lines, phrases or whole sections that just sing. Sometimes there’s almost no breaks between them. My heart dances when I read those.

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