Cut Bone

This artifact
dates to 1493,
seems to be

a response to some
or something.

A message
cut into
a bone

by steel, a sword
or pike

It almost 
took the bone
apart but

it’s held up
a long time.

We assume
this was
a killing blow

by lack of new bone
on the edges, and

the angle of the cut
there was likely
a flood of blood.

the bone remains
in conversation

with discovery
and subsequent

Does it
speak as Taino,
Arawak, Carib? 

In life, did it perhaps
speak Yoruban, Spanish,
Portuguese for a time?

It doesn’t matter
that much now. 
All you need to translate

is that huge remnant
of that unkind cut
and the sheer stubbornness

of the bone 
for not having dissolved
or crumbled. 

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