Daily Archives: September 24, 2016

Lincoln Drive (Teddy)

Teddy Pendergrass tonight — 
man oh man, Teddy on the radio, singing
“The Love I Lost.” Singing
“Wake Up Everybody.” Years ago

I used to drive right by
the spot where he crashed on
Lincoln Drive.  Liked to take that
deadly road through the park

on my fastest and most
reckless wheels.  It was
that kind of road I used to love
best — the kind that could

kill you with
joyous curves and narrowing
surprise lanes, assassin 
trees, radio roaring over

the hurricane of blacktop noise
and the occasional tire squeal
when you cut it too close
and had to back down from the rush.

I could use some more Teddy tonight,
but only in a fast car.  I’m awake and
longing and hearing it in the quiet house,
lying here so still listening, isn’t

cutting it quite the way I’d like;
not wanting to suffer what he suffered,
though, I’ll just dream of the road
as you might expect.  If you don’t 

know me by now, I should tell you
that I’m just the right age to talk big about
former ecstasy and do nothing 
to reclaim it — nothing, that is,

except listen to Teddy.