Daily Archives: September 30, 2016

Before Ownership

in shops after closing
goods speak of their origins
in sweatshops
fine workspaces
or deep mazes
of monstrous factories

to speak of
where they might go from here 
is taboo

as this is one moment
they have to be themselves
before they are pawed
and examined
then purchased
then owned

and then
changed by ownership

into something else 

whether they become
and neglected
eventually broken and 
discarded or

precious holders
of promise
and memory

ownership changes them

charges them with others’ energy
that is not what they entered with

and that will take away
more or less
their own 

so while they can
they speak to one another
in dark shops
about where they came from
and what they are 

taking their moment
we change them

into ours