Daily Archives: May 27, 2016

On The Varieties Of Religious Experience, Part 2

The Great Mysteries
aren’t fiendishly difficult to solve,
which is why they are rarely solved;

too many search for 
keys to the complex locks
so visible on the door,

when all they need to do
is push upon them and
walk right through;

the Greater Mysteries
have their solutions
written upon

the welcome mat
at the feet of the frantic
sleuths fumbling there;

the solution to
the Greatest Mystery 
Of All

isn’t even on 
the other side
of the door

but don’t expect to hear
anything about that one
if you refuse to put down 

that key and turn away
from the door
that was put there

for the sole purpose of distracting you
and getting you to walk away
from the truth.

Chant: Emptiness

Considering the empty plate before me

Considering fullness of all our plates
Considering lack of nourishment there

Considering the Buddha-nature of a plate-maker
Considering the plate-maker creating emptiness

Considering broken plates that can hold nothing
Considering meals un-plated both good and bad

Considering a bowl of seeds
Considering it inedible yet so many meals to come there

Considering space that appears to be full of stars
Considering distances between them that hold next to nothing

Considering the pan my brain sits in
Considering the mind cannot be found there no matter how long you look

Considering an open door with a broken lock
Considering this a joyful damage as the room has emptied of its prisoners

Considering the words filling this page
Considering the silence in which they’ve been written

Considering my voice and its origin from deep caverns within me
Considering how I might never speak again and have no choice in that

Considering Death the great emptier that yet fills the world
Considering an empty place setting at a holiday table filling with presence

Considering hunger for its ample gnawing filling me
Considering a meal that empties the body of its hunger

Considering the empty plate before me