Daily Archives: May 23, 2016


Smoky in that head of yours — 
can’t see to think, right? Can’t think
about what you see?
Right. You can smell it
through all that haze.
All that fragrance
of roasted cells and spent fuel
with the weight of 
a wildfire out of control, the kind
they give names to;
the Canyon Burn,
the Summit Fire,
the Gully Blaze.
You’re waiting for
the name of this one
to manifest while choking
on its smoke. You need to
adjust your expectations.
Might just miss it if
you stay in there.
Might suffocate
if you don’t break out,
dummy up, admit defeat
at least for now, 
burnt bauble, ore without
value, trinket
on the blackened floor, 
dead man from the neck up
with nothing and no one
to Lazarus you back
to bright.

Polytheist’s Lament

Originally posted 6/8/2013.

67,000 perfectly lovely
gods out there,
67,000 facets to the diamond
of God-Being,

yet here is one facet that insists the light’s
coming out of One and only One.
Care to guess which one he claims
is the only true source of all light?

Try to be serious!
That one must be
the God Of Cosmic Jokes,
or of the Ego.

67,000 perfect little gods
out there,
and those are just the ones
we can see.  Probably

another 67,000 at least,
invisible to the poor
human eye, that we could call on
if we knew of them,

yet one god
in that crowded field of stars
demands we believe
in Just One, claims there is only

One God, a God of
Umbrella and Blanket
covering every possible
need for Deity.

Listen to this world screaming from its roots
to its crown canopies, abyssal waters
to rock peaks; listen the old way,
the way we listened

before we stopped listening to 67,000 gods
and started listening to that One
with the blanket and the umbrella
and the sword and the plow.

67,000 gods: at least that,
perhaps twice that
or even more than that.
They remind us that

before we ever heard
that insistent One,
they were talking directly to us
all the time. Remember how that sounded?

Like whales, like crickets, like wind, like water,
like fire: the 67,000 voices of the Gods
of our particular patches of Earth. A chorus of Divinity.
Every one singing along. Every last one a harmonic of Light.