Daily Archives: May 2, 2016

The Thoughts

Crowded in here,
say the thoughts. We’re not big
but we are legion and 
we jostle. We can’t get out
of each other’s way.

Let us out,
say the thoughts.  Let us
see the light of day and choose
whether to come back in here
or to vanish. Perhaps we are foolish,

perhaps we are destructive or
so wrong that we can’t even
be considered thoughts at all
but we won’t know until you let us out
and let us be seen and see ourselves —

I put my head down 
close my eyes,
cover my mouth and
nose so nothing
gets out.

Phew! It’s getting stuffy in here,
say the thoughts. Man, you’re killing us.
You can’t stay like this forever, you know. 
You’ll lose it eventually. Let us fly
or we’ll die. Yes, you too.