Daily Archives: May 19, 2016

The Silver Lining

If our house had more of a roof on it
then we wouldn’t get wet
and we’d also see less of the sky.

If there was more heat we’d shiver less
and we’d also miss out on the deliciousness
of warming up.

If we had a comfortable home
then we wouldn’t die of discomfort
and we would be less satisfied with crumbs.

Look up at the mansions on the hill.
Look up at the penthouses, look out
at the beach houses.

Look at the people who own them.
Look at them. Look
at Them.

Think of how much
it takes to make


Think of what it has taken
to make us, Us.
Think of what

was taken from Us to make Them.
Think of how little we would likely have to do
to make Them shiver. Think

of a fire we could light, a roof burning,
what sky we’d see behind the flames.
Think: we’ve always taken our happiness

where we find it.