Daily Archives: May 14, 2016

Hard Music

hard music broke
upon us
as a wave breaks

as a breeze
breaks through a screen door
whispering “outside…”

except this breaking
tore us loose, tore us free
no gentle rocking

until released — 
instead a thrust
and arch into clean air

as if we were being
lifted above a crowd
we couldn’t join

but with hard music
we are lifted
above a crowd

of our own kind and
when we sink back
it is into their arms

to wait our turn to reach up
and carry another
on the wave

hard music
raising hell out of us
releasing it

hard music 
“this way out”


Petty is as petty does,
and petty rules the land and sea.

Petty is as petty does,
does it all in little mincing bites.

Petty can’t be bothered to go full vampire —
prefers to play mosquito, yearns to be a gnat.

Petty can’t be bothered to search its soul —
prefers to read its own Cliff Notes.

Petty opens its heart
to the side eye, the shade, the snicker.

Petty feels OK
in single broken heartbeat intervals, 

then leaves a trail of mild destruction
behind it, like kid footsteps in the cement

of a national monument, discovered 
only upon the occasion of ribbon cutting,

too late to smooth it out and make it 
feel OK again.  

Petty is as petty does.
Petty does quite well;

one mansion in the hills, one on the beach,
a penthouse in the city, 

a foothold in your mouth,
a homestead in your attitude.