Mythology (draft)


in the beginning
a presupposed entity
that must be

light/dark, water/mud

then after comes
life-spark:  sometimes
all at once, plant/animal/human;
sometimes an ordinal hierarchy

there must be a rebellion then

there must be some trickster
to lead rebellion

at some point
there must thus be a war
between the beings of the myth
and those who are not of the myth
and some great secret forbidden
or treasure withheld
and thus there must be
a journey to seek it

thus a hero also
who must lose in victory

there must be some conquest whole or partial
of death itself

this becomes central to the subsequent story

and eventual foretelling
of an end time
and rebirth

for the chosen
and not the others

by sorting among the various
repetitions and themes
a clear eyed bigot
can justify any belief
secure in the knowledge
that it will resonate for at least
one other

thus recreating their simple world
under the shade of mythology

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