Daily Archives: April 23, 2022


You look like 
you got a nice skull
under there — 

skin and muscle
covering it up
but you can tell

Inside I bet
is a good-enough brain
and how about that tongue 

flapping out
skull shaped
word sounds

Skull so hard
So hidden but words
shaped just so — as if

they’d passed through
just such a skull 
By your words we know you

inside and out and 
past the meat and skin
there’s diamond bone

impossible bone
white bone singing 
ownership songs

hard and proud
wet from blood
and damp meat

each syllable thick
with marrow
each toothy bite 

chomping down like
it comes straight from
the skull of your god

A Broken Mug

Breaking the mug
left behind when a friend moved
and left me their favorite mug

in order
to practice unattachment and 
travel light

hurt. I was attached to the person
but soon enough more so to the mug
I drank coffee from every day all day

for close to eight years
till Tuesday or maybe Monday,
who knows now, it’s been a fog

of worry since then about
this loss and feeling I have failed
a friendship, although we haven’t

spoken much over the years since
he moved. I’m sure there’s
more to say about this — when

have I ever had less to say
about such foolishness? My hand’s 
rotten nerves let go when I could

not. I swept up the pieces at once
and they’re gone now
with this week’s trash. No one got 

hurt. I trust he’s doing ok regardless.
I have a new daily mug
I don’t like as much, but I’ll adapt,

I’m sure. I will drink a lot of coffee
from this until such time
as I break it, then repeat

with another mug or myself
and then we shall see what hurts,
if anything, when the last one is gone.