Daily Archives: April 16, 2022

Ode To The Back Seat Of Our First Car

where we once kept our hope
for the obvious to happen
a place of longing sometimes fulfilled
more often disappointed
revised into lies

where we tried to hide empties
when blue lights came flashing
under mounds of fast food bags
old T-shirts almost gone to rags
a towel or two or more

where we now keep no deep nostalgia or regret
for what we lost or did not lose
back there behind the driver’s seat
where today there are groceries or kids
or rideshare customers for the critical second job

of all the things we put on the back seat
when we were too young
to put them anywhere else 
the only thing we long to hold again
is the idea that anything can happen there

as we travel
mundane routes
to and from 
mundane places 
which when we were young

were still years or decades away 
we try to hold to the idea
that possibility is behind us
but still within reach
with only a bit of a stretch

In Addiction, Bond And Bondage

In addiction 
one may find
both bond 
and bondage
and he worked hard
to maintain both.
through people he saw
daily as well as the ones
passing through, or
just passing. Such
connection is earned, 
no matter what 
the learned and the clean
say, and he did his part:
let them into his home
as far as he could,
paid for all their substances
as well and often as he could —
buying a round
for the house left him
floorbound more than once
but he got up and maintained —
and whenever there was
a less than occasional death
he bowed his head and went back
to the same corners, same stools,
same streets almost at once
to say, “did you hear about…”
and to say, “damn shame” or
“saw that coming…” almost by 
instinct, so easily had things turned
from bondage to bond and back,
the changes almost seamless,
his face hardening from masking
despair with concern, barely
wondering at all after a while
if, when his turn came to be
the subject of the day, he would be
spoken of in the same way.