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Project in progress

I don’t mention my Patreon site here very often, mostly because it’s chugging along fairly well through social media exposure alone.  That said, I’ve started a new project there that involves audience participation of sorts, and I’d feel bad if I didn’t offer you all a chance to get in on the fun.  

The description is on the sit for patrons only, but the gist of it is that I’m working on a series with an aim toward creating a book at some point that will be available to patrons before anyone else sees it, as well as some tiered rewards that I’m still developing.  

If you’d like to get in on the fun, you can for as little as one dollar a month minimum pledge.

Information about how Patreon works and how to get involved can be found here:

Tony’s Patreon site, of course.



Some say there is
a singular God,
a mad male monster.
We ought to stick him
in a dumpster and move on.

Some say God
smells like grand incense and 
is made of love and gentle words.

Some say sulfur
is heaven’s breath and
you’ll smell it forever in hell
to remind you of God’s 
withheld kiss
if you 
don’t watch out.

Some say, c’mon,
you morons, you children, 
you can’t prove God so there isn’t one.
They shit on the notion
and laugh as they make you
wipe up after.

I’d like to tell you about
the God I don’t worship
but keep at arm’s length
because of all those people
I just mentioned
but you scare me, you
whose certainty blinds you
to how often received truth changes.

This God I acknowledge
but refuse to worship
in a crack in a dungeon wall,
holds a handcuff key sacred
without having hands,
like groundwater to the surface
in the dark and soaks the land
before growth, 
but never
causes anything to happen. 

I don’t understand it,
neither do you.
But clear as day
there’s the water, 

there’s definitely
a prisoner singing
in the dark,

and there without question
is the sound
of manacles cracking open.