Daily Archives: February 25, 2018

Singing the Vision

People say,
honor the light inside you.
I say, I do honor it.
I honor it by allowing it
to cast the shadows it casts.

People say,
it is better to light a candle
than to curse the darkness.
I say, why would anyone
curse such a warm blanket
as darkness?

People say, go into the light.
I say, yes, I do —
and then I turn around
and adore the spill of deep night
from which I came,
and I turn and run back into it.
People say, oh my,
why can’t you be happy?
I say, I am happy —
I am fully in the folds of joy,
though not without sorrow
backing it like a quilt,
like the lining of a curtain
which holds back the light
and the eyes of the prying people
who cannot imagine this
quiet, this sacred shade.
People say so many things
that turn life into a switch —
light on, light off, this is good,
this is bad. 
I say, here is the idea
of the dimmer, the fader,
the deepening. I say
I’m in the midst and from there
both sides seem to beckon me.
That I stand in one to better see
the wholeness of the other is my
role and calling. I cannot stop singing
the vision long enough
to take time to entertain
what people say.

Crucial Bloom

In the first moment of flesh upon flesh,
spirit begins to open one of its blooms.

How one approaches that aspect of spirit afterward
depends on what one felt in that moment. 

There are approved myths that tell one 
what that feeling should be;

one says, one should, one feels, one does…no.
Talk to me, talk to yourself, take agency.

Let go of the impersonal, the passive voice.
If you bloom yourself after, then bloom. 

If you don’t — ah, do not even listen to me. Just this:
the myths call it “deflowering” as an insult.

Take your fragrance and beauty wherever you find it.
Spirit is a different field for everyone

and there may be a carpet of flowers in yours,
or none at all.