Daily Archives: January 22, 2018

What It Takes To Break Them Down

The grand mistake
of thinking you can do this in short order,
the grand mistake that gets you going.

Burning through shoe leather, and 
having the willingness to face
eventual bullets.

The entertained thought
of your own need for 
eventual bullets.

Shaking it off, then
letting it come back to rest
near the ancestors’ graves, if needed.

Shoe leather, again.
Cardboard for signs,
short money shared for bail.

A promise to take care of 
kids if…A promise to keep going
if…promises to…keep promises…

Wary eyes
on supposed alliances
made from necessity.

Hunger, thirst,
comfort, vinegar, bandanas,
holy lies, selective deceit, stealth.

End of the world as we know it.
End of the world we don’t.
Lying down to sleep in a world no one knows.

Hope? Honor? Success?
Don’t hold your breath looking for it
in a mirror. A telescope, maybe.

“The Great Man”

often portrayed smiling
with hands outstretched to all
and sundry

has almost always been
also a hangman
in some sense


someone else’s noose

putting it over
someone else’s head

pulling someone else’s

he smiles in public
in order to get
the hangman’s job

he wears the hood
so you can’t see
he’s still smiling