Daily Archives: January 2, 2018

Cold Stars

In cold weather
there is less twinkle in the stars
and if cloudless
the night will be colder
and offer even more stars
to burn almost as steadily
as the planets, and if
you stand outside
and look up, you 
will be more aware than usual
of each breath.

Each light will feel
sharp, and each will clean you 
from the nose all the way 
down into the lungs. If starlight
was oxygen you might be able
to feel how much was contained
in a given breath,
feel it long enough
to recognize what was being 
scoured out of you
as you inhaled and exhaled.

In their places in space,
in their true fiery forms
far above the posturing
and wonder of humans,
the stars burn far above
our symbolism

and meaning,

but until then, you and I
and everyone else
will stand out here
with our heads back
watching them burn,
feeling it as pure cold
with every breath 

while hoping
that this one time
something we can feel
being pulled out from us

will be replaced
by something better.

To Sit At Home Alone

To sit at home alone
and wish you were at home but
in a different home that looks
much the same as this one
but which feels instead like the starry center
of the spiritual life
of a distant world

is to open your mouth and speak
a dead language few people ever understood
and which has long been considered extinct
though it captured dreams and nuances 
not recalled since, things known then only to adepts 
and native speakers and 
now considered to be myths.

To sit at home alone and imagine
that you are not alone at all
and that the home instead is cozy
with others and the laughter and warmth
of bodies and souls are a fire
of fusion like a small sun
over a fertile land

is to fall upon a bed of salted snow
under a dim moon and pray 
for it to turn to sand and a full bright night
on an island no one comes upon
without a blessing from some deity
known to all, unnamed by anyone.

To sit at home alone
and create a song of that same home
growing full to the walls, the ceiling,
the roof and above with a sacred hum
of joy and satisfaction and all the angels
of a commonality not yet in evidence

is to wait for someone, anyone
to come to your home and make it
a home of dreams 
you’ve been dreaming, dreams
no one knows of except you,
dreams no one can translate except you,
dreams no one can enter except you.