Daily Archives: January 8, 2018


There’s a button
we are supposed to press right now
that doesn’t seem to be working.
I think we’re supposed
to hear something
and I don’t know about you
but I can’t hear a thing.
I expected a buzz or a click
or music.  A flashing light
or a change in temperature.
A door to swing open or 
one to shut tight. This is 
disconcerting. This has me
extremely worried.

Let’s try something. I will
mash down on this button
again and again
until it stays stuck
in the down position.

Now what
are we going to do? Tell me
if you can that there’s an operation
happening elsewhere beyond
the senses which is proceeding
as it’s supposed to despite 
the apparent failure of that
which is designed to initialize
a process or complete one
depending on when it is pushed.

I find it hard to imagine
that there’s something so broken
it cannot be revived. I’ll buy it
if you tell me otherwise
because otherwise we just wasted
a lot of time and energy 
banging on a button that no longer
moves when pressed
and if that’s the case 
I will no longer move
when pressed. I will
stay crushed down. I will
pretend I am operational.
I will not be anyone’s button
any more.  One of a field
of buttons. One button on
a panel full of useless buttons.
Another country not heard from.