Daily Archives: January 16, 2018

Flaws And Mistakes

My flaws
are built in.
They refract —
might distort
what’s inside
but also might
throw rainbows
at your eyes.

My mistakes,
add-ons all,

cover the facets.
They obscure, they
block. They will
make you think
of shadows and
you will start thinking
of what may lurk
in here.  

I’ve had 
the flaws
from inception.
You will
have to get 
used to them.
The mistakes 
I took on, 
were all my own.

Some of them
might wipe off. 
Others left hard stains.
I’m sorry for those.

I promise you
in the right light
I’m still brilliant,
though I admit it’s often
too hard to look
for that, even for me,

so if you turn away
I will be
at peace with you
and your choice,

though I will never
get there myself.