Little Wing

This bar band amps
“Little Wing” into an anthem,
and right away it is clear
no one on stage gets it or
ever did — some songs
derive their power from
the silences they carry; witness
the space around the opening
notes Hendrix played, the stand out
“ting” in the first phrase
that highlights it and sets the stage
for what follows. There is something
to be said for unleashed covers of
such songs but one must
understand them first to begin such
delicate rework; here we have
nothing like that.

I am no critic.
I am instead a lonely lover
who wishes only
to hear Jimi sing about her
walking the clouds as I imagine
my distant former love may now be,

so I can only sit here and stare
into the last ring of head
on this sad beer and wish 
for a simple jukebox with 
only the exact versions of songs
I want to hear, much as I wish
only for my former lover —
no new version, no cover —
I will not tilt my head back 
and sing along.

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