Daily Archives: January 18, 2017


You have a right to say what you say
but you shouldn’t expect to get away with 
saying it in a clean, clear voice.
I’m here to help you change your tone.
I’m here to push delay. 
Here to offer a bright streak of distortion.
Here to force one big happy echo.

You have some small leeway to twist the dials
but rest assured that I will do what I’m built to do.
You have some freedom to turn me on or off
but rest assured that I’m going nowhere
and will be underfoot or in your head
as long as you are putting yourself out there.
Even if you believe my claim
that I can be truly bypassed
I’m still a hunk of brutal you’ll have to deal with,
taking up space, limiting how far you can move.

You can decide not to deal with me of course
but nobody’s likely to hear you. Everyone else 
who plugs in will drown you out.
I’ll make sure of it.

If you’re lucky
you’ll talk yourself into believing
I’m here to help

and pretty soon you won’t know how you got along without me.