Daily Archives: January 26, 2017


Remember a time when
there was so much
fierce debate about
what was music
and what was not
that you could barely stand
to look upon those from
the other camp? Remember
when you flew into a rage
over which variety of noise
made the most legitimate
entry into the human soul?
Remember when
the brand of jacket you wore
was a passport into 
honor and legend
and if you did not have one
you felt utterly defeated
by the scouring waves
of disdain that followed
your poor choices? Damn,
remember good sneakers
and their cults,
remember when the way
you wore your hair 
called your kindred to your side?
Do you recall
what you thought was revealed
by the trivia
of style and flavor? Do you recall
when these were your most
important questions?
Do you remember
when that was?


Sinatra Miracle Vote

“In the wee small hours of the morning…”

A Sinatra song on his mind. Commercials for 
Miracle Prosperity Spring Water on his TV, and he’s
tempted to call. It’s not worth it, he knows, but what if?

“While the whole wide world is fast asleep…”

It’s the wee small hours of the morning of Election Day.
Does it matter what he does now? Vote one way, 
vote the other; will it ever be 1955 again? 

“When your lonely heart has learned its lesson…”

Whether or not he votes, he loses. Whether or not he 
wins, he loses. Perfect time to buy what they’re selling.
Perfect time to croon, sip, and try to go back to sleep.