Daily Archives: January 2, 2017

Perfect World

in the perfect world
there is a king 
whose breath smells
like John Wayne’s 
plague sweat

in the perfect world
there is a queen
who has moved 
mountains to make
grand graves

in the perfect world
their armies carry
guns of gold and 
can stab you with
a sharp flag

in the perfect world
you are a creamy poster or
a near-white song of victory
a mascot on the sideline
a horse to carry their spoils

in the perfect world
the things they’ve stolen
back them up or lead them
like suicides
off your cliffs

in their perfect world
you are the Elder Race
they call upon to charge
their teams and weapons 
with magic

in their perfect world
they don’t exist
any more than you do
as they are individually lessened
to increase larger perfection

To Love

To love
is to follow darkness
within you toward
its source, is to learn to see it
as shadow caused by light
and not as a scattering
of huge gray boulders
and smaller stones
impeding you. To love

is to see those shadows as 
signposts on your way
to Light, as shapes to be
learned and appreciated
for what they are; not 
to remove them, as they give
you context and heft,

but to step over and around them
or scale them as needed; 
to use them as platforms
from which to view Light
within you.  To love, then,

is to journey across. To
work a path toward.  To keep
a blank map within, and then
to fill it in.