Daily Archives: December 31, 2016

How To Be Done With It

Shout “good riddance”
when lightbulbs burn out,
when discarding
envelopes that won’t adhere,
when contemplating
the bitter end of the bank account.

When the television
goes off for non-payment,
when the phone 
goes off for non-payment,
when the heat and the lights
go off for non-payment
and the landlord has ominously
sit there with either a sneer
or a triumphant,
head-lowered demeanor. 

Don’t kill anyone
too much, except in your mind (admit
at least that you feel up for it though
before you shake that thought
out of your hands
and back into the steel trap you keep inside
to hold such wickedness).

Tell them
to bring it on,
whatever it is.
It’s time for it,
whatever it is.

It’s not like it’s been
sustainable for a while now.

It’s not like it’s been
a society for a while —
more of a cautionary tale
or a bucket list
getting checked off
more and more 

so tell them
you’ve got plenty of pens
and all the time in the remaining