Daily Archives: December 21, 2016

The Blessing, The Way

Pain and Despair
stand face to face
cradling you
between them

until you slip 
from their arms
to the earth 
at their feet
and shed their 

This is a blessing:
letting go and falling
into the Way, removing
oneself from them,
even as they try 
to hold you harder.

The Way is to 
drop away from
their hard faces.
Never let them
hold you in their gaze.
Never let them
stare you down. 
Instead, close your eyes —

land soft, feel 
the beating heart
of your Mother.

Stop Talking

We kept saying, “Speak 
truth to power,” 
and eventually they said, 
“Truth doesn’t matter.”

We kept saying, “Money
can’t buy happiness,” 
and eventually they said,
“You’re right,” and simply took ours.

We kept saying, “Not 
special rights, but equal rights,”
and eventually they laughed 
all rights into a bucket and kicked it.

When will we see
all the problems that come
from talking to them 
in the first place?