Daily Archives: December 12, 2016

The Exile Game

Go away, America.
I don’t want to live in you today.

I’ll exercise my option,
become a free agent.

I’ll turn my life into its own country.
I’ll play at being sovereign. 

At some point, you’ll come knocking.
I’ll just say, where are your credentials?

You’ll politely remind me
that i’m surrounded, landlocked, embargoed

into being your citizen, and all this independence
is just for show.

I’ll nod, hang my head, close the door,
close the door behind you as I come

back home again. It’s so
easy to pretend for a little while;

easy for me, that is.  I’ve got neighbors
and friends who can never get away.

I know people who are stuck here
with bruises to show they tried to get free.

There are some pretty games
some folks never get the chance to play.