Daily Archives: December 10, 2016

One More Time

The mind, up there lurking
behind my eyes, pushing them
to see things only one way, 

begins the exercise, the small
torture of thinking only
of how I wish to see
Spring again, one more time.

One more time: a perfect, sweat soaked, 
last word on the night encore from
a band playing at their peak.
One more time: a run on my own guitar
that opens my eyes to possibility.
One more time: the kiss that leads
to nothing more than another.
One more time: a smile at
a news story, a bit of faith in anything,
a good thought about something that 
has to be done, that only I can do,
that will be done.

The mind, up there lurking
in my tender skull, pounding from within
against the outer shell, the one I show 
all of you, deforming me
into a lumpen mask
of no hope 

as I think
and think
and think.

It’s ok, says the mind
to me, persisting in pushing
the thought upon me

that I would have liked
to enjoy something,

just one more time,

but no.