Daily Archives: March 27, 2016

No Faces

Studies have shown that
we are swiftly evolving,
losing obsolete traits; soon,
perhaps, none of us will have
an easily identified face
or name as the great
mass of us has no need 
of such things in the larger
System. This may be why
we are fighting so hard for them
right now — the last grasp
of those things slipping away,
sinking into a hole called 
the species, the course of
history, the past. Imagine
that — living without
any of the markers
we’ve relied on
to decide what to say to
one another.
Imagine the freedom
of not having to live up
to your own name;
imagine the joy
of perpetual first encounters;
try to imagine whether or not 
we could even care
for such things then —

how the definitions of joy, love,
and care will have to evolve
in order to survive, if indeed
they survive at all.