Daily Archives: March 22, 2016

A Relief

We don’t matter, 
you know.

As much as we’d like
to be important, 

that is how much
we are not.

Thank God for that
as God made us in

God’s self-important image
and that’s all we truly share:

the ego of Being as We Are
and no more.  According to

the Bible we were born to,
we named shit and then 

screwed up from there and now
we’re in the dark groping toward

a way back.  We’re a damn cliche
and are not even individuals within it —

there we are,
exemplars and not people — 

trying, desperately,
to make a mark amid

well-deserved skepticism:
we don’t matter, and isn’t it

a relief to not matter
in these times that might

give you a chance
to escape.