Daily Archives: March 4, 2016

Blood Or Blues

Blood or blues — time
to choose my drink 
for tonight — to sip
rage or rue —

It’s afternoon —
dark’s not terribly far
off — some light
remains — do I choose

blood or blues —
do I sit in cold
with sadness in
my mouth or

raise heat and roll
with the rising —
go out hot
to smash or soar

Blood or blues — I could
go either way but it’s time
to choose — move or slump
or dance or dim

until I’m barely here — or
ball myself into fire and 
go out burning —
time to choose

blood or blues 
Living past dying or cooling
and sliding into darkness —
do I choose blood or blues


outside the window

what’s under-bed
whose hand you’re imagining
under there

how to fix this

trying to recall
what you forgot
what might burst into flame
what you left behind

how to fix this

how should you have phrased that
did he mean what he said
did you misinterpret it
how could you have been
so stupid

how to fix this

word salad clumsy
rose petal mistakes and
what might it mean when
they are often

how to fix this

does pride go before
a trip and where could
you go where you might
feel pride again

can anyone seeing you
see all this
hear all this and are they going to wait
for you to fix it
do they fear you fixing it
do they care anymore if
you fix this

knowing exactly how to fix this
exactly how to fix this
how to make it stop
make it stop 

never being touched again

how to fix this
exactly right
perfectly well

how much will it hurt
is there a way to fix it
that won’t hurt
that will be like sleeping

finding nothing there once it has stopped
finding no way to restart once it has stopped
finding this fix doesn’t fix it



to be touched again