Daily Archives: March 18, 2016

A Message From Your Colorblind Friend

You must know
I don’t see anyone 

when I look at you — 
that is, 

I see no features
that are real and important,
nothing worth making
an attempt to understand,

no difference that makes 
a difference as I understand
the word and the world; I see only
what I think I’d be like

if I were you, and if I were you
with all the ways you are visible,
I’d be dying to damp all that
down. I’d be trying like hell

to be clearly present, as in
a glass of water, a squeaky
clean window — I’d try to let folks
see me without seeing

all the trappings of
those pesky social constructs
that you really shouldn’t let
bother you. Seriously, friend,

take my word — when I look at you
I see right through that,
right through all that, ’cause
we’re good like that, right?