Daily Archives: May 29, 2015

10% Inspiration


there’s no elevator
to success,
so you’ll have to
throw yourself 
down the stairs.

Lead, follow,
or get your ass 
out of the way 
is the motto here, 
not that you
have any choice:

success is 
10% inspiration and 
90% flop sweat 
while you’re waiting
to be revealed 
as a fraud
and you’re obviously
soaked through.

that there’s no “I” 
in “team” but
there is one 
at the beginning
of “isolation,” 
another one buried
in the heart of 
“exile,” one close
to the end of
“rejection.” Remember

that the longest
journey begins
with a single half-aware
solo stumble. Take it.  
Take that step
and only stop 
when you realize 

that you are suddenly
up to your ass in

Remember then that this
is success since
your objective
was to get so deep
in the swamp
that they would never
find your body.


Originally posted 4/30/2012.

If this is the last poem I will ever write
I cannot let myself fall back on The Usual List Of Me
for inspiration, hanging all I am now on any of 
my usual hooks. Not for a last poem.

A last poem ought to break into 
new fire as the poet is raised up
in the heat of it.  A flame 
cracking a red consuming song.

If this is the last poem I will ever write
I should set all my weary categories
ablaze in it, and as I cannot,
this cannot be the last poem.  

If this had been the last poem
I was destined to write,
the poem would be burning
and I would already have jumped through it.